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Membership Secretary:  Terry Jones C 770-540-5095  Email:
To maximize our member’s enjoyment of our facilities, membership in the Cherokee Gun Club is limited to 600 members.  The Membership Secretary maintains a waiting list.  As openings become available, applicants are notified in the order that they were placed on the list.

Membership is $60 per year and 10 hours of service to the club.  If the member fails to complete their service to the club, un-worked hours will be assessed at $15 per un-worked hour. New members are also required to pay a one-time initiation fee of $750.

Membership Requirements
Individuals seeking to become members of the Cherokee Gun Club, must satisfy the following requirements:
· The applicant must appear, in person at either a General Membership meeting or at a Board of Director meeting and fill out an application.  General Membership meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:00 PM (dinner is available for $5 at 6:00 PM).  Board of Directors meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM.
· The applicant must have two Gun Club members in good standing sign their application.
· The applicant must be a member in good standing of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Applications are available at the membership meetings.
· The applicant must provide a copy of a valid Georgia Firearms License, a copy of Law Enforcement Credentials, or submit to a criminal background check.
· The applicant must attend a Range Orientation session.  Range Orientation sessions are scheduled at the time that offer of membership is extended. 

After accepting membership offer, prospective members must also attend 1 general meeting and 1 board meeting.  After attending these meetings and completing the other requirements the new member will be issued a badge and a key. When notified that they have satisfied all requirements for membership, the applicant shall provide a check in the amount of $810 made payable to the “Cherokee Gun Club”.  This amount covers the initiation fee and the first year’s dues.
Membership Secretary: Terry Jones C 770-540-5095  Email:
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