Cherokee Cowboys

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Step back in time to the days of the old west and the “B” western movies right here in North Georgia. For more than 10 years, the Cherokee Cowboys have called the Cherokee Gun Club home. The Cherokee Cowboys is a SASS affiliated club that is owned by the Cherokee Gun Club. All Gun Club rules are in effect at Cowboy matches including:

  • No shot larger than 7½
  • No shotgun loads over 3 drams
  • No children under 8 years are permitted on the range.
  • Everyone must wear Eye and Ear protection while on the range property
  • No alcohol is permitted on the property
  • The entire gun club is a Cold range. Only registered competitors may wear firearms
  • No unleashed pets
  • A round over the berm is a match disqualification
  • Vehicle Speed limit is 10 MPH on the range

Matches are held the fourth Saturday of the month. All SASS Rules apply except where overruled by club rules. Match fee is $15 for Members, and $20 for non-members (Juniors shoot free and any Cherokee Cowboy member that brings a junior shooter shoots free)

Registration opens at 8:00 AM, Mandatory Safety Meeting at 9:00 AM

We shoot 6 stages. Count on 60 pistol, 60 rifle, and 30 Shotgun rounds

Setup starts at 12PM on Friday before the match. Those Helpers willing to participate: Satisfies Gun Club work hours (gun club members only).  Setting up also earns you an entry in the “Worker’s Only” drawing for prizes in January.