Handgun Competition


Cherokee Handgun matches should appeal to the casual target shooter. Any handgun firing a rimfire or centerfire cartridge with .44 Magnum performance or less is allowed. Optical, red dot or iron sights are allowed. Laser sights or any sight projecting a light or an image on the target are prohibited.                            

We meet to shoot at 11:45 the third Sunday of every month except December.

The safety meeting starts at 12:15 in the Pistol Bays, shooters will be called to the line at 12:30.

Shooters absent from the safety meeting will not be allowed to compete.             

The handgun match consists of two relays (10 rounds at each of 5 targets). Fees for  handgun will be $7.00 for a single relay, $12.00 for both.             


Shoot Coordinator:  Walt Hodge  770-498-1678    hodgewalt@gmail.com  

Assistant: Bob Smoller


Scores, Match Updates and Info about future matches


April Shoot Report

Sunday's weather could not have been better. The April Handgun Match got off to a great start as we welcomed six new shooters. They just about filled pistol bay #1. We had to scramble and shift things around a bit to make space on the firing line for everyone.                                                        
The new shooters were  evenly matched, well equipped and enthusiastic. They all fit right in. John Byrd got edged out by Ken Milligan, who had a good day. Wait 'til next month!      
We had plenty of help setting up on Sunday, but cleaning up after the match was outstanding! Everyone, without exception, stayed after the match to help. We made record time! Thank you all.  Walt Hodge     Next match- May 15  

March Report

The first day of Spring and the weather improved over the previous month. So did the number of shooters. We got off to a good start by welcoming a new shooter, Brian Randall. Despite the chilly weather Ron York surprised everyone by showing up and not wearing pants! Shorts in 50 degree weather-- really?    For a small group we really had an interesting variety of handguns. Take your pick, center fire, rim fire, single shots to hi-cap autoloaders, optical and iron sights.                                  
The scores were pretty evenly matched and no shooters were handicapped by equipment choice. Everyone who participated had a good time, so next month we may add another shooter or two. Many thanks to the shooters that arrived early to help set up and stayed late to put all the assorted stuff away.  See you all next month.
Walt Hodge

February Update

In spite of a so so weather forecast, we had four shooters show up for the February match. That's about half the number that usually attend. The median aggregate score was 900+ of a possible 1000. That should place the bar high enough to make the next match really interesting. The regulars that didn't make it missed out on a good day to shoot. We hope to see them next month, along with a few new faces.  Walt Hodge