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For those that have not picked up their renewal package (ID Badge, Key and Red Book) you may pick these up on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at Regular Club & Board of Directors Meetings.

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 19, 2017 The Membership waiting list is frozen. No names will be added or applications accepted until the waiting list drops down to 75 through attrition.   The current Waiting List stands at 148 and it is estimated that there is a 6 year waiting period for those on the bottom of the list.  Our membership is full at 600 members as the Range Orientation held on Sunday February 11th yielded 17 new regular members and 2 new “B” members.

To maximize our member’s enjoyment of our facilities, membership in the Cherokee Gun Club is limited to 600 members. The Membership Secretary maintains a waiting list.  As openings become available, applicants are notified in the order that they were placed on the list.

Membership Secretary: Terry Jones

Pistol bay 6 is closed until further notice. See Range Closure page in members area for more details.