July Match Update

We had a modest but enthusiastic turnout for the July Handgun match. We were all greeted with typical July in Georgia weather. Sunny, hot and not a hint of a breeze. At the end of the first relay we had three shooters with scores separated by just a ten point spread.                                                                                         
The second relay had three less shooters on the line. Scores slipped downward a bit probably due to some obscure astrological event. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the age of the shooters or the temperature being well above ninety degrees. After the smoke cleared everyone turned out to strip targets and put everything away.      
We did have one new shooter, Bob Demuth, who said he'll be back next month. Wayne Williams was also good for his word, not only coming out to shoot, but staying to help clean up. Walt Sippel posted the high relay score and was responsible for the lengthy bull session after the match. Many thanks to everyone that came out to shoot and especially those that helped before and after the match. The next match is August 21. I hope to see you all return for another good afternoon.
Walt Hodge