Handgun Match Report - August

We got off to a good start with a couple of extra shooters, good weather and lots of help setting up. Placing the targets and the shooters to avoid the steel targets required some modest changes at the firing line.                                                
Frank Kent finally ran out of excuses and showed up to shoot. Wayne Williams, Jim Conerly and Ken Milligan all scored pretty close to each other. Walt Sippel made it clear that you have to get past him if you want to post the high score for the day. There are a couple of shooters who will keep him honest, if he ever has a bad day. Loretta Byrd gave John seven Dollars so he would go shoot, get out of the house and out of her way, and Ron York showed up with donuts. The day just kept getting better and better, everyone went home planning to be back for more on September 11. 
Walt Hodge