Handgun Match Report September

We had a good group of enthusiastic shooters show up for the September 18 match. All the targets were put in place in record time, before noon. A new shooter, John Willie, came to try his hand with us, and Ron York arrived early. All in all it looked like the start of a good day and a good match....Then it started to rain. We moved the targets under cover and waited. It rained harder. Finally we gave up and called it off. It was still raining so we left the targets under cover at the firing line. My plan was to put the away Tuesday if the rain had stopped. Tuesday morning arrived and the target frames had been moved back to where they belonged. I have no idea who took the time or put out the effort to do it, Thank You, whoever you are. You made the rest of us look good and we appreciate it. Next match is October 16, hope to see you all there.  Walt Hodge