November Handgun Report

A few hardy souls showed up for the November match. The day was clear, windy and chilly. This will be the last hand gun bullseye match for 2016.
After the first relay finished, we took a break and had a drawing for prizes. All the participating shooters, as luck would have it, were Cherokee Gun Club members. 
I would like to thank Ron York and Walt Sippel. In addition to their support of the handgun matches, they both contributed prizes for the drawing. Their generosity was really appreciated by the lucky shooters who won those prizes.
Bob Smoller, Bob Demuth, John Bird, Ken Milligan, Walt Sippel, Walt Hodge, Ron York and Ed Cravey all went home with items they won.
After the second relay we put everything away and started to prepare for the 2017 series.
This finished my first year with the handgun bullseye match.  I would like to acknowledge the help and support I received, especially from Bob Smoller who never missed a match. Ed Cravey, Ron York, Walt Sippel,  Ken Milligan, John Bird and Bob Demuth also deserve special mention and thanks.
Hope to see you all for the 2017 series.
Walt Hodge