Handgun Feb. 2017 Match Report

Who would have believed that we would be shooting in February wearing short sleeves and tee shirts? The warm weather brought a number of shooters out of hibernation, ready to try their hand. We called the shooters to the line and started the first relay at 12:30.                                      
Somebody kicked Frank Kent out of bed, and Loretta Byrd rousted John, gave him twelve bucks and sent him to the club to shoot. Bob Demuth, Ken Milligan, Ed Cravey, Walt Sippel and Ron York (w/donuts!) rounded out the "Usual Suspects" crew. We also had five additional shooters who are not club members, making a tight fit for all the shooters at the firing line. Two of the new shooters, Richard Nebel and Jon Duvall posted scores anyone would be proud to claim.                                                                           
Both relays required extra time to score targets due to the number of shooters. We finished a bit later than usual, and as anxious as everyone was to shoot, they all pitched in to help clean up and put everything away. We had a great day, fine weather and you could not ask for a better group to spend an afternoon with. I hope that everyone who turned out had the same good time that I did. Y'all come back!                                                          
The match in March starts the 2017 series of eight monthly matches ending in October.  Drawing for prizes in November will end the year. 
Walt Hodge