March Report

19 March 2017. We had a modest sized turn-out for the March Bullseye match. What we lacked in numbers was more than compensated for with enthusiasm from those attending. The weather helped a lot, it was a fine afternoon!   Ed Cravey arrived early, and with help from his son Jim, moved all the necessary target frames to pistol bay #1. Ken Milligan helped finish setting up so we could all start shooting promptly at 12:30.
After the first  relay we all took a short break to tell lies, exchange excuses or place blame for scores, equipment or performance.  The second relay was composed of the usual hard core suspects working hard for bragging rights. When the day's results were totaled, Walt Sippel had the high aggregate score for the day, 957-29X and Frank Kent had the high relay with 489-22X. The next Handgun match will be held 16 April, hope to see you all there.  Walt Hodge