April 2017 Match Report

We meet to shoot on the third Sunday each month except December. The third Sunday in April was Easter.  Some of the Bullseye shooters were not interested in an Easter egg hunt. They find it is hard to see the eggs,  and even harder to bend over to pick them up. Straightening back up is out of the question. This condition also explains why most of us prefer to shoot standing up.                                                                                                
We managed to shame Barton Crawford off of the club house veranda to shoot with us. All it took was an offer to loan him a gun and remind him that he would not have to clean it. It is also true that he declined the offer of free ammo for the match.                                                                                   
Walt Sippel to scored a possible 100 on a single target using a center fire revolver and really big bullets. How he managed that without a single X ring hit defies logic, something he does often.                                                       
The rest of us had to settle for fine weather, decent scores and donuts courtesy of Ron York. Bob Smoller got the day off, and Janet Perkins filled in for him so he wouldn't feel guilty.                                                            
After the last shot everybody jumped in to strip targets and backers and put everything away. It  was all done in record time, thanks to you all.                It was a good turnout, and a good match, and a good day.    
Walt Hodge