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Cherokee Handgun matches should appeal to the casual target shooter. Any handgun firing a rimfire or centerfire cartridge with .44 Magnum performance or less is allowed. Optical, red dot or iron sights are allowed. Laser sights or any sight projecting a light or an image on the target are prohibited.


Please note: January and February matches will be cancelled for rain, snow, or a weather forecast below 50 degrees at 12:00 the day of the match. Check Accuweather on Wednesday or Thursday before the match, or call the shoot coordinator.


We meet to shoot at 11:45 the third Sunday of every month except December.

The safety meeting starts at 12:15 in the Pistol Bays, shooters will be called to the line at 12:30.

Shooters absent from the safety meeting will not be allowed to compete.

The handgun match consists of two relays (10 rounds at each of 5 targets). Fees for  handgun will be $7.00 for a single relay, $12.00 for both.

Shoot Coordinator:  Walt Hodge
Phone: 770-498-1678
Email: hodgewalt@gmail.com

Assistant: Bob Smoller

Scores, Match Updates and Info about future matches

Handgun Match Report – August

 Bob Smoller and I were on the way to pistol bay #1 when we met Ron Dixon. He had been working clearing brush off the rifle range, and was going home. We stopped to say Hi, and Ron asked if we were setting up to shoot. I told him that we were and invited him to join us. Talk about unintended consequences- Ron posted the high aggregate total for the day, 969+33X. To make his debut at Bullseye even better, he also had the highest score for either relay. Congratulations, Ron!

All the rest of us had to settle for something less than bragging rights for the day.

Walt Sippel mumbled something about practicing more.

Barton Crawford was awarded the August 2017 crying towel for the best excuse of the day. He claimed that he had sold a target pistol, regretted it, and the stress effected his concentration and breathing.

Ed Cravey and Ken Milligan helped Frank Kent reduce the donut count. Ron York assured all of us that he would be back next month. We hope he does, he brings donuts.

we had plenty of help setting up and putting everything away for the next match. We have a good friendly bunch of shooters. Come out and shoot with us. See if you can best Ron Dixon’s score.

Walt Hodge

 July Match Report

On Sunday morning it looked like we would be rained out for the third month in a row. We set up targets without much confidence that the weather would improve. We were all wrong! When the time for the safety meeting arrived, the weather had started to clear.
The usual suspects (all optimists) all showed up ready to help set up, and to shoot. The most obvious difference In technique in this bunch has to be Walt Sippel and Frank Kent. Frank shoots sitting down and uses both hands. Walt shoots standing up, right handed. His left hand is in the left pants pocket along with his car keys and a fidget spinner.

John Byrd shoots (when he’s allowed out) with both eyes open. Ron York, aka ‘Blind Shooter’ won’t admit he even has eyesight. We have been unable to locate the Braille pistol targets he keeps asking for.

The weather continued to improve. For the first time in three months we were able to shoot two complete relays.

The next Handgun match will be Sunday, August 20.

Walt Hodge

 April 2017 Match Report

We meet to shoot on the third Sunday each month except December. The third Sunday in April was Easter.  Some of the Bullseye shooters were not interested in an Easter egg hunt. They find it is hard to see the eggs,  and even harder to bend over to pick them up. Straightening back up is out of the question. This condition also explains why most of us prefer to shoot standing up.
We managed to shame Barton Crawford off of the club house veranda to shoot with us. All it took was an offer to loan him a gun and remind him that he would not have to clean it. It is also true that he declined the offer of free ammo for the match.
Walt Sippel to scored a possible 100 on a single target using a center fire revolver and really big bullets. How he managed that without a single X ring hit defies logic, something he does often.
The rest of us had to settle for fine weather, decent scores and donuts courtesy of Ron York. Bob Smoller got the day off, and Janet Perkins filled in for him so he wouldn’t feel guilty.

After the last shot everybody jumped in to strip targets and backers and put everything away. It  was all done in record time, thanks to you all.

It was a good turnout, and a good match, and a good day.

Walt Hodge

 March Report

19 March 2017. We had a modest sized turn-out for the March Bullseye match. What we lacked in numbers was more than compensated for with enthusiasm from those attending. The weather helped a lot, it was a fine afternoon!   Ed Cravey arrived early, and with help from his son Jim, moved all the necessary target frames to pistol bay #1. Ken Milligan helped finish setting up so we could all start shooting promptly at 12:30.

After the first  relay we all took a short break to tell lies, exchange excuses or place blame for scores, equipment or performance.  The second relay was composed of the usual hard core suspects working hard for bragging rights. When the day’s results were totaled, Walt Sippel had the high aggregate score for the day, 957-29X and Frank Kent had the high relay with 489-22X. The next Handgun match will be held 16 April, hope to see you all there.

Walt Hodge

 Handgun Feb. 2017 Match Report

Who would have believed that we would be shooting in February wearing short sleeves and tee shirts? The warm weather brought a number of shooters out of hibernation, ready to try their hand. We called the shooters to the line and started the first relay at 12:30.
Somebody kicked Frank Kent out of bed, and Loretta Byrd rousted John, gave him twelve bucks and sent him to the club to shoot. Bob Demuth, Ken Milligan, Ed Cravey, Walt Sippel and Ron York (w/donuts!) rounded out the “Usual Suspects” crew. We also had five additional shooters who are not club members, making a tight fit for all the shooters at the firing line. Two of the new shooters, Richard Nebel and Jon Duvall posted scores anyone would be proud to claim.

Both relays required extra time to score targets due to the number of shooters. We finished a bit later than usual, and as anxious as everyone was to shoot, they all pitched in to help clean up and put everything away. We had a great day, fine weather and you could not ask for a better group to spend an afternoon with. I hope that everyone who turned out had the same good time that I did. Y’all come back!

The match in March starts the 2017 series of eight monthly matches ending in October.  Drawing for prizes in November will end the year.

Walt Hodge

 November Handgun Report

A few hardy souls showed up for the November match. The day was clear, windy and chilly. This will be the last hand gun bullseye match for 2016.

After the first relay finished, we took a break and had a drawing for prizes. All the participating shooters, as luck would have it, were Cherokee Gun Club members.

I would like to thank Ron York and Walt Sippel. In addition to their support of the handgun matches, they both contributed prizes for the drawing. Their generosity was really appreciated by the lucky shooters who won those prizes.
Bob Smoller, Bob Demuth, John Bird, Ken Milligan, Walt Sippel, Walt Hodge, Ron York and Ed Cravey all went home with items they won.

After the second relay we put everything away and started to prepare for the 2017 series.

This finished my first year with the handgun bullseye match.  I would like to acknowledge the help and support I received, especially from Bob Smoller who never missed a match. Ed Cravey, Ron York, Walt Sippel,  Ken Milligan, John Bird and Bob Demuth also deserve special mention and thanks.

Hope to see you all for the 2017 series.

Walt Hodge

Handgun Match Report September

We had a good group of enthusiastic shooters show up for the September 18 match. All the targets were put in place in record time, before noon. A new shooter, John Willie, came to try his hand with us, and Ron York arrived early. All in all it looked like the start of a good day and a good match….Then it started to rain. We moved the targets under cover and waited. It rained harder. Finally we gave up and called it off. It was still raining so we left the targets under cover at the firing line. My plan was to put the away Tuesday if the rain had stopped. Tuesday morning arrived and the target frames had been moved back to where they belonged. I have no idea who took the time or put out the effort to do it, Thank You, whoever you are. You made the rest of us look good and we appreciate it. Next match is October 16, hope to see you all there.  Walt Hodge

 Handgun Match Report – August

We got off to a good start with a couple of extra shooters, good weather and lots of help setting up. Placing the targets and the shooters to avoid the steel targets required some modest changes at the firing line.

Frank Kent finally ran out of excuses and showed up to shoot. Wayne Williams, Jim Conerly and Ken Milligan all scored pretty close to each other. Walt Sippel made it clear that you have to get past him if you want to post the high score for the day. There are a couple of shooters who will keep him honest, if he ever has a bad day. Loretta Byrd gave John seven Dollars so he would go shoot, get out of the house and out of her way, and Ron York showed up with donuts. The day just kept getting better and better, everyone went home planning to be back for more on September 11.

Walt Hodge

July Match Update

We had a modest but enthusiastic turnout for the July Handgun match. We were all greeted with typical July in Georgia weather. Sunny, hot and not a hint of a breeze. At the end of the first relay we had three shooters with scores separated by just a ten point spread.

The second relay had three less shooters on the line. Scores slipped downward a bit probably due to some obscure astrological event. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the age of the shooters or the temperature being well above ninety degrees. After the smoke cleared everyone turned out to strip targets and put everything away.

We did have one new shooter, Bob Demuth, who said he’ll be back next month. Wayne Williams was also good for his word, not only coming out to shoot, but staying to help clean up. Walt Sippel posted the high relay score and was responsible for the lengthy bull session after the match. Many thanks to everyone that came out to shoot and especially those that helped before and after the match. The next match is August 21. I hope to see you all return for another good afternoon.

Walt Hodge

Handgun Match Report

The May 15 Handgun Match started with outstanding weather. We could not have had a better day to go to the range. Our small group was joined by a new shooter, Moyce Wallis, and an old hand, Walt Sippel. Ron York arrived with a box of donuts in a failed attempt to avoid paying registration fees. We all enjoyed them, thank you, Ron. After the safety meeting the shooters were called to the line at 12:30. We finished two relays and had lots of help cleaning up. The chores of stripping targets and backers and putting everything away took about half the usual time thanks to all the extra help. Everybody participating had a good time and went home smiling.

Thanks to you all, hope to see you at next month’s match.

Walt Hodge