Membership Renewal Form

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Please complete the following form to help us keep our database current. After completion you will be directed to our PayPal payment page. (You may pay via your credit card without having a PayPal account)

Note: Your membership renewal is not complete until you provide proof of your current NRA Membership. This may be in the form of your magazine label, a copy of your NRA membership card showing your expiration date, or a copy of your NRA renewal application. Please email to Terry Jones: (Not required if you are a NRA Life Member)

We urge you to renew your NRA Membership now – your current membership will be extended by 1 year, you save $10 over the regular yearly membership fee and CGC received $5 for each renewal! (Please click the link at the bottom of this web page)

Members not renewing by December 31, 2018 must appear at the January 16, 2019 BOD meeting to request reinstatement. After January 16, 2019 you must apply for new membership. This requires payment of the $750 initiation fee, being placed at the bottom of the membership request list, and attendance at a new member meeting.

Terry Jones,
Membership Secretary

Cherokee Gun Club – Membership Renewal Form

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