Tactical Rifle Matches

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Contact: Kerry Alexander
Phone: 770-815-8307 

Attention   We will hold a Tactical Rifle match on January 28th, 2018 with registration beginning at 11AM.  The events calendar will be updated soon on the CGC website.  



The tactical rifle match is intended to develop skills in the use of the rifle in a defensive situation. The skills promoted will be tactics, accuracy, and speed while firing and manipulating the rifle. The matches consist of several different rifle categories and utilizes both the General Purpose range and the 200 yard range. The distances to targets may range from 10 feet to 110 yards with IDPA silhouette targets and steel targets of various shapes and sizes being the primary targets.  Pistol targets may be IDPA targets or steel.  Shotgun targets may be static steel, knockdown steel, clays, or thrown clays.

A typical match will require 80 to 100 rounds of rifle ammunition, approximately 25 to 50 rounds rounds of handgun ammunition and 25 rounds of shotgun ammunition.  Shotgun shells must be 7 1/2 shot or smaller.  There may also be stages where the competitor will fire a rifled slug at a steel target 50 yards away.  A five round box of slugs will be useful also. The match consists of movement with the rifle, shooting at various known and unknown distances, which require the competitor to shoot from the standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone positions, utilize a sling, and reload from their person. The shooter may also be required to transition from rifle to handgun or shotgun to handgun on certain stages. The handgun used will be an IDPA approved handgun. All loading, unless otherwise specified  in the stage description, will be from the person.  This means pockets, magazine pouches, belt loops, etc. Typically you may not load from the gun via shell holders, clipped magazines, etc.  A sling for the rifle is always useful and can be used on almost all stages where a rifle is needed.  Suppressors are welcome however full auto is not allowed.  No steel core or AP ammo is allowed.

The classes will consist of different action types and are designated by the use of optics or iron sights for each class: Rifle caliber center-fire semi auto (ie: 223, 308, .30/06, 7.62 x 39, 7.62×54, 6.5, etc.) Rifle caliber center-fire bolt action (ie: 223, 308, .30-06, 7.62 x 39, 7.62×54, 6.5, etc.) Rifle caliber center-fire lever action (ie: 30-30, 45-70. 35 Rem, etc.) Pistol caliber center-fire semi auto (ie: 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, etc.) Pistol caliber center-fire lever action (ie: 357 Mag, 44-40, 45 Colt, 44 Mag, etc.

Registration takes place on the IMHSA range.  Registration and squad assignments starts at 11 AM, there will be a safety briefing at 12:15 PM.  The match starts at 12:30 PM.

Scores, Match Updates and Info about future matches

Hi everyone, Thank to Tom Minko and Darrin Myers

The scores for June, July, and August can be found by going to:

practiscore.com/results and search for: CGC tactical rifle

To see your stages click on your name.

We had 27 participants among which were several new shooters. We also had several onlookers this month.  The weather was fine and we shot a two gun match, (rifle and pistol) for 5 stages.

Tom Minko took top honors as overall match winner.  From now on I recommend you bring at least 25 shotgun, 50 pistol and 120 rifle rounds.  You probably will not need them all but, today 100 rifle and 22 pistol rounds were needed to complete the match.

We look forward to seeing you next month.

January Tactical Match Results

PDF iconTactical Rifle Score Sheet January 2017 Overall.pdf
 Feb. 2017 Tactical Rifle Match Scores
PDF iconTactical Rifle Score Sheet February 2017 Overall.pdf
 March 2017 Scores

The March 2017 match went well with 5 quick stages.  Congratulations to Steve Owenby, he shot the match clean and quick.  I do not remember anyone ever doing that before.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the April match.

PDF iconMarch 2017 Tactical Rifle scores.pdf
 April 2017 Match Results
PDF iconTactical Rifle Score Sheet April 2017 Overall.pdf
May 2017 Tactical Rifle Match Scores
PDF iconTactical Rifle Score Sheet May 2017 Overall.pdf