Handgun Bullseye


Match Days 3rd Sunday of each month (except December & January)
Match Director John Byrd  (Assistant: Bob Smoller)
E-Mail lunch@charter.net
Phone 404-805-5641
Setup 11:45
Registration 11:45
Safety Briefing 12:15
Location Pistol Bays
Fees $7 for one relay.
$12 for both relays.

Cherokee Handgun matches should appeal to the casual target shooter. Any handgun firing a rimfire or centerfire cartridge with .44 Magnum performance or less is allowed. Optical, red dot, and iron sights are allowed. Laser sights or any sight projecting a light or an image on the target are prohibited.

Shooters absent from the safety meeting will not be allowed to compete.

The handgun match consists of two relays (10 rounds at each of 5 targets).

Please note: Matches will be cancelled for rain or snow.