Membership Information

Membership in Cherokee Gun Club has been raised to a maximum of 700 members.  We anticipate to begin taking applications to fill these vacancies later in January.  Listed below are the requirements for membership.  Due to Covid-19 we are not having open meetings.  An announcement will be sent to CGC Members outlining the process how to obtain and  submit an application.  Please contact your CGC sponsors for further information.

All applicants must meet the following to become members of CGC:

  1. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  2. Shall submit a copy of their current NRA Membership.
  3. Shall submit a copy of their current Driver’s License.
  4. Applicants Twenty-one (21) years or older shall submit proof of a either a valid Weapons Carry Permit, Law Enforcement Credentials recognized by the State of Georgia or Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (Federal Law). Applicants between the ages of Eighteen (18) and Twenty-one (21) years of age shall submit certified proof that they have passed a criminal background check.
  5. If you are offered membership at the time you request your application it must be accompanied by a check made payable to Cherokee Gun Club in the amount of $1200 (Initiation fee & first years dues).  If membership is not available when you apply and are offered a spot on the waiting list you must submit a non-refundable $200 application fee. This application fee will be applied to the Initiation Fee in effect at time membership is offered.
  6. Undergo a Range Orientation by the Range Officer or his/her appointed designee sometime in the future.
  7. Complete and sign a Member Waiver of Liability form.
  8. You must personally know two (2) current CGC members who must sponsor you and sign your application and attest to the fact that they personally know the applicant and that the applicant is a Safe and Responsible gun owner. The application must be signed by both sponsors whrn the application is submitted to the Membership Secretary.
  9. Applications must have copies of all required documents attached when application is submitted.  APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED WITHOUT ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS AND PAYMENT WILL BE DISMISSED WITH NO FURTHER ACTION.

At present the Initiation Fee is $1200, which includes the first year’s dues.  Yearly Dues are currently $60/Year, plus a $250 ($25/hour) Work Hour Assessment, or perform 10 Hours Club related work.  If you do not work total dues would be $310/year, or $60/year if you did 10 hours club related work.