February 2018 Handgun Bullseye Match Report

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We had a great day for a handgun match Sunday. The weather Saturday was rainy and grim. Monday threatened but was passable. Sunday was outstanding, pleasant and calm. A trio of shooters new to our match raised the bar for the future. Posting three possibles (100 points for 10 shots) in a single relay, Mike Davis left no doubt that he has no love for second place! There were five shooters that scored over 900, and four scoring 950 or more. Shooting 100 rounds and scoring 1000 indicates the shooter hit 100 consecutive bullseyes. The scores are posted below,

Ron Dixon 483/14X 489/12X 972/26X
Ron York 462/10X 462/10X
Ken Milligan 464/10X 465/9X 929/19X
Earl Heirakuji 464/11X 464/11X
Walt Hodge 476/7X 475/13X 951/20X
John Byrd 435/5X 460/10X 895/15X
Walt Sippel 478/16X 489/17X 967/33X
Mike Davis 487/12X 494/21X 981/33X Match high aggregate score, highest score both relays
Frank Kent 480/13X 480/13X
Bob Demuth 300/2X 300/2X
Larry Davis 437/6X 437/6X

To all the shooters that volunteered to help set up, clean up, score targets, empty the trash or help others, Thank You! Walt Hodge