January 2018 Handgun Bullseye Match Report

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At the end of a week of really crappy weather the handgunners got a break. An outstanding day! It was more like April than January, a welcome change.

The weather was so good that Steve Blackmon came out of hibernation, and Barton Crawford actually smiled. John Byrd showed up with enough money to shoot and saved himself from the embarrassment we all saw last November. Ken Milligan and Ron Dixon both took bragging targets home with them and no one got a crying towel. The day could not have been better.

In response to all the moaning, sniveling and whining about the shoot coordinator not posting the scores, HERE THEY ARE!

Barton Crawford  466/13x
Earl Heirakuji   439/5x
Frank Kent       484/14x
Steve Blackmon   350/2x
Ron York         395/8x
Ken Milligan     465/8x      476/12x      941/20x
John Byrd        419/4x      350/9x       769/13x
Walt Hodge       473/12x     480/16x      953/28x
Ron Dixon        471/18x     482/17x      953/35x
Walt Sippel      399/13x     477/14x      876/17x

Hope to see you all at the next match, Walt Hodge