August 2017 Handgun Bullseye Match Report

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Bob Smoller and I were on the way to pistol bay #1 when we met Ron Dixon. He had been working clearing brush off the rifle range, and was going home. We stopped to say Hi, and Ron asked if we were setting up to shoot. I told him that we were and invited him to join us. Talk about unintended consequences- Ron posted the high aggregate total for the day, 969+33X. To make his debut at Bullseye even better, he also had the highest score for either relay. Congratulations, Ron!

All the rest of us had to settle for something less than bragging rights for the day. Walt Sippel mumbled something about practicing more.

Barton Crawford was awarded the August 2017 crying towel for the best excuse of the day. He claimed that he had sold a target pistol, regretted it, and the stress effected his concentration and breathing.

Ed Cravey and Ken Milligan helped Frank Kent reduce the donut count. Ron York assured all of us that he would be back next month. We hope he does, he brings donuts.

We had plenty of help setting up and putting everything away for the next match. We have a good friendly bunch of shooters. Come out and shoot with us. See if you can best Ron Dixon’s score.

Walt Hodge