October 2018 Match Report

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Match Report / David Cote / SC         Oh Yes, OCTOBER!

Fall is HERE! Cooler temps welcomed the shooters this day as a cold front passed through the area threating rain but only providing a few light sprinkles. The wind also accompanied the front and challenged most of the participants. We had a good turnout of shooters, 20, who racked up 27 entries to our little game. Wanted to welcome a couple of “newbies,” Richard Pickering and Clint Johnson, regulars at Ron Dixon’s IHMSA pistol game. Hopefully we set the hook in them so they will come back soon.
Three perfect scores today, all made in the first round, by Steve Gould & Jerry Peck in BRS and the last by John Kirkland in Unlimited. Charlie Craft was MIA today, tending to his wife at home as she recovered from a surgical procedure. We all hope she heals well.

Thanks again to Ms. Nancy for help in registration during our first two rounds, and to John Kirkland for running the line for the last two rounds of the day, allowing me to shoot and earning him a couple of CGC work hours. And a special thank you to our Gator repairman, who recently replaced a tire on the cart, making setting & resetting our targets much easier and time efficient.

As always, I sure appreciate all the help in setting up and closing down our game.

Our TOP DOGS of the Day are as follows:
SQUIRREL CLASS:      Neal Truelove                               38 Targets
BRS CLASS:                   Steve Gould & Jerry Peck           40X
UNLIMITED CLASS:   John Kirkland                              40X
SEMI-AUTO CLASS:    Neal Truelove                               37 Targets
PISTOL CLASS:             Ron York                                       34 Targets

We will look for you at our next match, November 17th, 2018, always the third Saturday of the month. Match registration opens at 7:45 and bullets start flying at 8:30. Come on down and sit a spell… you’ll be glad you did.
“Aim Small and your Targets will Fall!”